Friday, April 28, 2006

NFL Draft and Your Dallas Cowboys

I am a big fan of the NFL Draft. I watch enough college games to know many of the top players and I have enough idle time in the Spring to read up on the prospects. I watch NBA basketball, but not Hockey. I can't get into college this is it.

In a perfect world, the Cowboys would end up with Michael Huff - but that would cost more than they are willing to pay. There are other Longhorns that could end up here also (Scott, Griffin, Thomas), but I am convinced the Cowboys will select an outside LB that can rush the passer. They have other needs, but those can be addressed later in the draft. You can find safeties and WR's in the 2nd and 3rd round, but you have a much harder time finding a true pass rusher. If you can pressure the passer, you don't need 2 Pro Bowl Safeties.

So here is what I hope happens...

#1 pick - Manny Lawson or Kam Wimbley (Wimbley will probably be gone)- pick a pass rusher or trade down ...Greenway will probably be gone...B. Carpenter is a possibility.
#2 pick - Eric Winston - pick the best tackle available (the Cowboys draft a lot of linemen in round 2) Others...Whitworth from LSU (Maybe a safety if one fell)
#3 safety or WR - Cedrick Griffin from UT could be moved to safety / maybe the kid from Abeline Christian. I also like Maurice Stovall (WR) from Notre Dame

I think at some point they will try to move down to pick up an extra 3rd or a 4th rounder. I would guess they will try to drop a few spots in the 1st round, but wouldn't be surprised if they dropped to the very end of the 1st round (trading with Pittsburg or JAX) to get a few picks at once.

Just don't drop 20+ spots like 2 years ago. It is too frustrating sitting there all day and your team doesn't take anybody.

Vince Young will go to the Titans, Jets, or Raiders. If he doesn't go to the Titans - I am hoping he goes to the Raiders. He was made for them.

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